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Brian Burke fired, Hazel Mae caught in the middle

08/30/08: The Boston Herald reports Mae passes on WBZ-TV 4 and lands deal with the MLB Network Link

08/20/2008: Hazel Mae plays in the Red Sox Legends & Friends Pro-Am - Norton, MA Link

06/03/08: Hazel Mae is leaving NESN at the end of June. HazelMae.net mentioned in this story! Link to article

06/22/07 : Hazel will now be traveling to Southborough for her hair "styling" The Globe reports

3/16/07: Hazel warns Tina Cervasio about the online attacks Boston Globe story

12/01/06: Hazel on cover of IMPROPER BOSTONIAN magazine Boston's hottest, THE IT LIST

11/28/06: John Molori's NESN feature Media Blitz - 11/20/06: Hazel w/"mystery man" @ Morton's Globe bit

10/31/06: Ms. Mae to have a cameo in the 2007 Disney film "The Game Plan" @ IMDb - Anyone know if she made it in?

08/24/06: Man donated $0.50 of every download to the Jimmy Fund Hazel Mae love song

06/30/06: Hanging With ... Hazel Mae Liza Weisstuch's great Globe piece

Hazel Mae has begun doing card shows and other related events. $10/autograph $10/picture with Hazel

05/07/06: Mae chats it up with Red Sox Nation: Interview @ RedSox.com

10/18/05: Bill Griffith, "Mae rejects idea of image problem" : Boston Globe Sportview

10/10/05: John Molori, "Mae Mixes Sex Appeal and Savvy for Success" : Media Blitz - Mae Day

03/22/05: Hazel talks 7 months into NESN gig : Interview @ the now RedSoxNation.net

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'Ode to Hazel Mae' @ YouTube from Adam Wade
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