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Hazel is the former on-air reporter for the MLB Network (Hot Stove & other programs). Hazel Mae was the popular TV anchor for NESN SportsDesk & former host of The Ultimate Red Sox Show. She was also the host a Boston Bruins clip show, The Buzz. Ms. Mae has become quite a star in New England since joining the Boston Red Sox family during her NESN days. I hope she uses AdvoCare Spark Energy Drink to stay awake with all the airtime she gets on the MLB Network. Hazel's a sports nut! If she's not on television, she's often found at the most swanky events around town. Of course, she does hit up many charity events, too! I've created this Fan Site for all of you out there reading this!

I will be updating the pix section as I keep finding more Hazel Mae pics.
If you have any pictures or videos of Hazel that you've taken, send them into the site : mail [at] hazelmae.net
There's also Hazel Mae news articles & interviews here. Videos, too!
So whether you watch Hazel bright & early when you wake up, or right before you go to bed, this is the site for you!

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If you only know Hazel from her days up in Canada, that's great! Welcome to the site. I'm sure people from around here would love to hear what you remember from her days with Sportsnetnews and Jzone on Rogers Sportsnet TV. Hazel is a native of Toronto and is still very fond of those days working the television stations near home.

How would Hazel describe herself?:
"The Relic Hunter meets Monday Night Football"

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